Parents seeking alternatives turn to “learning pods”


FOSTER, R.I. (WLNE): Learning pods are becoming a new trend for parents who don’ feel safe sending their children back to school, but still want them to interact with others.

Like many parents, Kailyn Shippee has been faced with the tough decision of whether to send her children back to school or keep them home. Ultimately, she decided that learning pods was the best route for her family.

“Pod was a good option for us because we wanted the children to still be able to interact with friends,” Shippee said. “But we weren’t comfortable with them going back to school full time with the number of people they would be interacting with.”

Shippee, who has a teaching background, will be teaching students in her pod, which is made up of 3 other families from the Foster School District. She said most parents with children in her pod have full-time jobs.

“They didn’t necessarily feel comfortable sending their children back to school full time but didn’t have the option to stay home with them,” Shippee said. “This gives them the childcare they need, as well as having their children get their school done.”

Shippee has already turned her dining room into a classroom, with take-home folders, school supplies, and organized subjects.

Each school district is required to give parents a distance learning option so parents who choose to have their children in pods will go by the school’s schedule and curriculum

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