Parents struggle with kids at home and out of work

COVENTRY, R.I. (WLNE): With students not in school, toddlers not in daycare, and parents not working, some are starting to struggle.

Day to day life is different now for many parents, including Tressie Seymour.

“My husband’s at work all day and now I’m home with the kids,” Seymour said. “Emotionally, physically, it’s tough.”

Seymour works at a non-profit in Coventry that is still open. However, with school a

nd daycare closed for the rest of the week, she has to stay at home with her children.

The mom from Coventry has two of her own children and 2 step-children, all between the ages of 3 and 11.

“4 kids, it is a lot,” Seymour said. “That’s a lot of kids to have to financially support right now.”

A big family and no school means the kids need to be fed and have extra house supplies. However, Seymour said grocery store shortages make that impossible.

“Everyone was running around. There was nothing, nothing on the shelves. No water. No toilet paper.”

Meanwhile, teachers are preparing distance learning plans if the closures last longer.

“That’s going to add tremendously,” she said. ” They are in different schools too. Whatever my son is doing, and staying on top of that and what he has to get done, and then what my other kids are doing and their schedule.”

Seymour hopes school officials can take this into consideration.

“Just realize some of have more kids and the ages vary,” Seymour said. “The baby is going to need a lot more help.”

Governor Raimondo said in the next day or two, she will provide an update on school closure plans moving forward.

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