Parents warned about deadly TikTok challenge following Oklahoma boy’s death

Credit to KOCO News/Patrina Adger

BETHANY, Okla. —A 12-year-old Oklahoma boy recently died after he attempted what police call the “Black Out” challenge.

The “Black Out” challenge, or the “Dare” challenge, is on TikTok. The challenge is where someone chokes themselves to the point where they lose consciousness.

Bethany police officials said the TikTok challenge turned fatal this week for a 12-year-old boy.

According to police, officers and paramedics responded to a call shortly before midnight Monday for a child lying in the breezeway of the Western Oaks Apartments in Bethany, northwest of Oklahoma City.

“When they got on scene, the first initial officer located the juvenile who was unresponsive,” Bethany police Lt. Angelo Orefice said. “He wasn’t breathing and noticed that he had ligature marks around his neck.”

Police said the boy was rushed to OU Children’s Hospital, where he died.

13-year-old girl hospitalized in ICU after reportedly doing TikTok fire challenge gone wrong
“I can’t talk in specifics, but it has led investigators to believe that this wasn’t a suicide attempt but just an accident based on a social media TikTok-type challenge,” Orefice said.

Investigators believe the boy attempted what’s called the “Pass Out” or “Black Out” challenge.

“It all basically comes down to is where a kid tries to asphyxiate themselves to the point of unconsciousness, and then once they start to gain their consciousness back is when they get a euphoria-like feeling,” Orefice said.

The death comes just months after a 12-year-old Colorado boy was on life support for 19 days and later died after taking part in the challenge.

Police have a warning to parents.

“Kids are bored, and they’re trying new things. And parents really have to start watching their social media,” Orefice said.

Police are still investigating the incident.

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