Parishioners send prayers to cardinals as Conclave begins

By: Alexandra Cowley

Tuesday morning Mass at St. John
the Evangelist Church in Attleboro
went on as scheduled, but the feeling was anything but normal.

“I wonder who the new pope will be,” said parishioner Melodie Kirby.

Prayers at Mass are sent to the 115 cardinals in Rome as they elect a new Pope.

Father Riley Williams preached, “So that's why we pray here Today, that's why Catholics
around the world are praying for the election of the Pope because we need this
figure to lead us closer to Christ.”

As the world waits for the puff of white smoke and one of
the cardinals to step out onto the balcony as the new head of the Catholic
church, Priests and parishioners have their hopes for who the next pope will

“Just bring it into reality, I think it was great that Pope Benedict had a twitter account,”said Kirby.

“I hope the new Pope will always
lead us closer to Christ in whatever that means, whether than means staying the
course, or in some things looking do we need to reform ourselves a little
bit,”said Father Williams.

The cardinal who's chosen as Pope will be taking on an
immense responsibility. One so great, Monsignor Anthony Mancini of the Providence Diocese
says it's not likely any of them wants to take it on.

“I don't think any one of them actually wants the job,
the pressures are tremendous, the workload is fantastic, and then
there's all the traveling you have to do, one of the reasons Pope Benedict
resigned is because he couldn't travel anymore,”said Monsignor Mancini.

Monsignor Mancini says we should know by Friday who the next Pontiff will be.