Street closed after fire now open to pedestrians

By: Melissa Randall

Twitter: @MelissaARandall

A cautioned off section of North Washington Street in North Attleboro re-opened to pedestrian traffic Wednesday morning. Businesses on the opposite side of the street from the now torn down Odd Fellows building are allowed back in their shops. Businesses on the same side of the street remain closed until further notice.

Police Chief John Reilly says the roadway will also remain closed to motorists until the structure is deemed safe. On Monday there was an incident where debris from a wall fell into the middle of the street, and officials are not taking any chances.

Businesses on the cautioned off block had been forced to close, unable to get into their buildings since Friday. The detours have put owners in a tight spot, causing thousands of dollars in missed profits. One store owner, who was allowed to open, estimates a $10,000 hit because of lack of or slowed traffic in the area.

Reilly says there is no way to know the extent of the damage to neighboring buildings at this time. They will be assessed by landlords and contractors, but it is likely they suffered water damage as crews worked to put out the 4-alarm fire.

Officials are working to remove the debris from the Odd Fellows building. It burned during the snow storm last Friday.

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