Pastor remodeling homeless shelter

By Dana Griffin


WOONSOCKET, RI- In the basement of Harvest Community Church in Woonsocket, associate pastor Steven Bacon is working alone to finish the newest edition to this church.

When Bacon's not flipping through his bible, he's transforming this unfinished basement into the main floor of the homeless shelter that's been upstairs for twelve years.

“By having everything on one floor, the men don't have to travel in–between floors. It was cold and damp down here,” said Bacon.

He says it'll also keep heating cost down since the basement will trap body heat.

Once this renovation project is complete, up to 28 men will be able to eat, sleep, and shower.

Bacon says, “They are excited about it because having a clean place, having a place to take a shower, it gives them a sense of dignity.”

It costs about $240 to house one man for a month, which is being paid for by donations and a grant.

“I have volunteers that come in so I try to coordinate that so I'm not always down here by myself. And my wife comes down here and helps with the painting,” said Bacon.

Each man sleeps on a bed–bug free mat, they get a bin for their belongings and if there's donated food, they get a bite to eat.

The shelter is slated to open on November 1st.


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