Patriots fans load up on championship gear

NORTH ATTLEBORO, M.A. (WLNE) — Dick’s Sporting Good stores across New England opened early Monday morning, so Patriots fans could get their hands on this year’s championship gear.

Some fans showed up well before the store opened just to make sure they got what they wanted.

“I got here a little after 5:00am,” said Patriots fan, Don MacEachern.

“The white hats were on back order for over a month last time, so I’m the first one [in line] today,” said Patriots fan, Kim Turnbow.

Hours earlier, as the confetti in Atlanta was still falling, presses at Mirror Image in Pawtucket, started printing official championship t–shirts.

Those shirts, were quick to fly off of shelves.

“They’re sold out of large already but we’re going to find some for the kids,” said shopper, Manual Dias. “We stayed up cheering all night, true Patriots fans, the whole family.”

And while most fans plan on enjoying Sunday’s victory for a while, it’s never too early to start thinking about next year.

“Hopefully everyone comes back healthy, and we continue on and win another one,” said fan, Dale Langille.

“I enjoy watching,” said Don MacEachern. “Sometimes I wonder if my heart can take it, but it hasn’t been broken in a long time.”

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