Patriots fans react to ‘Deflategate’ punishment

By: Rebecca Turco


FOXBORO – Many Patriots fans are fuming over Tom Brady’s four-game suspension and the team’s $1 million fine following the “Deflategate” investigation.

“It’s just not fair,” lamented Denise Daisy of Mansfield. “How many football players do this? I just think he’s so good and he’s just targeted because he’s so good.”

Stephen Silk of Sharon feels that if Brady just admitted to everything in the beginning, the penalty would not have happened or have been as severe. “It just grew into a mountain out of a molehill.”

Others feel this punishment was the only way to go. “I think that’s the price you pay and that’s the consequence,” Tara Crowley of Walpole said.

Doug Franchitto of Foxboro was so upset, he decided to buy another Brady replica jersey to show his support. “When you’re the top dog, they try to take you down,” he said.

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