Pats Fans Gearing up for AFC Title Game

 By Matt Blanchette

twitter @mattblanchette

As the Patriots head to their fourth straight AFC Championship game, many of their fans head to the team store outside the stadium to stock up on gear before they face the Colts on Sunday.

“Going to go with the Gronk here replica. Going with red. yea a little flashy,” Stephen Brothers said.

Whether its Gronk, Brady, Revis etc., Patriots fans want to get their hands on anything red white and blue to represent their team as the playoff season continues

“I was looking for Jamie Collins but now I got Chandler Jones instead. I already have Gronk and I am rocking Edelman for the playoffs,” George Havinadis said.

Edelman is a popular pick, especially after his heroics on Saturday, tossing a 51 yard second pass for a touchdown against the Ravens.

The Pats wide receiver is even selling a t shirt of his own. For 30 bucks on Edelman’s web site. you can own a… the pass… shirt.

No matter what they wearing, confidence is high in Pats nation.

“I think we got this. This is our year,” Havinadis said.