Pats fans get gear early

 Nicole Brazier

SMITHFIELD – Patriots AFC Championship merchandise is selling fast! And the die–hard fans knew that would be the case, which is why they lined up to get some when doors opened at 6:00 a.m. at many stores including Dick’s Sporting Goods in Smithfield.

Even before the sun was up some eager fans were out and about picking up newly the printed gear.

“The fiancé sent me out early, we were at the game last night,” said Kevin Brunelle of North Providence.

The official championship tees were printed right in Smithfield. It was a long night for employees at Cool Air Creations, who got to work before the game was even over.

In total only 13 people were there overnight producing the t shirts, but they say they don’t mind, for them it’s more of a labor of love.

“To be able to print officially licensed shirts for the patriots, for the AFC Championship, it’s fantastic, we love it… We’re patriots fans and we’re able to print all the tee shirts so the rabid pats fans can get their shirts,” said Jeff Karp – Production Manager there.

And even in the dark they did just that.

“Just get them before they’re sold out! I got two t shirts, two AFC Championship t shirts, they didn’t have any hats yet, they’re not in!” said Kirk Sedgley of Scituate.

Both the screen printers and fans say they’ll be back at it if the Pats take the win at the Superbowl in two weeks.

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