Pats-Giants Super Bowl Divides Connecticut

Central Connecticut boasts the Super Bowl border
Associated Press
      NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (AP) – It's not the Red Sox and the Yankees,
but the upcoming Super Bowl has once again divided Connecticut
between those with sports ties to New England and New York.

      In New Britain, Khalid Tawfik, the owner of Roma's Sports bar
plans to split his establishment in half on Super Bowl Sunday,
keeping Patriots fans in one half of the room, and Giants fans in
the other. He says there will also be a police officer there, just
to make sure peace is kept.

      The city has links to both organizations, after all. The Giants
played one of their earliest games there in October, 1925, winning
26-0 against a local professional team. And the high school team is
coached by a former Patriot. Tebucky Jones was a defensive back on
the team's first Super Bowl-championship team in 2002, and says
he'll be rooting hard for New England.

      The city's mayor, Tim O'Brien, says he's proud of Jones. But
he'll be supporting the Giants.

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