Ron Paul banks on Rhode Island

     At least one political candidate is spending some money in Rhode Island. Ron Paul will not only be here in person, but sources tell ABC-6 that Paul is spending ten thousands dollars on broadcast commercials in Rhode Island, in addition to one billboard along I-95 in Cranston.

     “Ron Paul has one billboard. Now how the hell do you win a race with one billboard? I don't know how you do that, but maybe he does have some supporters here. But look, this is Romney country. He was governor of the state next door,” said former Providence mayor Buddy Cianci.

     Romney stopped in Warwick last Wednesday, but aside from that had not spent any advertising money in Rhode Island.

     Of course it's not just advertising. Candidates spend money in other ways. Callista Gingrich had a fundraiser in East Greenwich Tuesday night. Fifty people at 50 dollars a pop and that's a couple of thousand dollars into the local economy.

     There probably would have been more money for local restaurants and advertisers had Rick Santorum not dropped out of the race, because it simply would have mean more competition, more voters and more dollars spent.

     “We thought there was going to be about 40 thousand people voting in this one, but if I had to guess now, I'd say we are getting back to historic lows which was about 15 thousand which is very helpful to Ron Paul.” said Rhode Island Republican Secretary

     Since Rhode Island awards delegates on a proportional basis this last minute ad push by Ron Paul could win him some delegates.