PawSox execs tour Worcester as obligation to Pawtucket ends

By: Alana Cerrone


Twitter: @Alana_Cerrone

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — It is not Pawtucket, or even Rhode Island – Worcester could become the new home of the Pawtucket Red Sox.

Tim Murray, president of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, says the city is on the move.

“Tremendous momentum here in New England’s second largest city so it only makes sense to make the pitch and have a conversation,” said Murray.

On Friday, PawSox execs toured Worcester’s Canal District, with city officials touting its recent economic boom.

“800 units of market rate housing over 300 hotel rooms 55 restaurants that have opened up over the last year and a half.”

City officials did not reveal other details from the visit, calling it just a “conversation.”

The PawSox say even though they hope to stay in Pawtucket, they have been contacted by numerous cities, and most are in Massachusetts.

Worcester, though, has made a strong push to get the team to their city, even sending thousands of postcards signed by fans to the PawSox office, urging the owners to move the team there.

“I think all of us here in New England are part of Red Sox Nation regardless of where we are and so having a Red Sox affiliation is never a bad thing for the community.”

In the meantime, Governor Gina Raimondo holds out hope that the team, the state, and the city of Pawtucket can strike a deal.

“The PawSox belong in Pawtucket. There is a good deal on the table that I hope the legislature will take a hard look at. Having said that, as they say they are free agents and they have every right to look around,” said Governor Raimondo.

Just because the team is no longer working exclusively with Pawtucket does not mean talks are over. The Slater Mill deal is back on the table, and the Senate says they plan on having hearings in the fall.

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