Pawsox Give Walking Tours Of Proposed Ballpark Site

The new Pawsox owners hope to one day build a stadium on this spot in downtown Providence.

 Charles Steinberg, Senior Advisor of the Boston Red Sox says, “We are starting with dirt and some patches of grass and then let your mind imagine what it can be.”

Steinberg led the tour, beginning at what would be home plate. It’s part of an effort by the new owners to change public opinion on the stadium deal, which is currently asking for millions in taxpayer dollars from the state. A small group that came out Monday, made up mostly of people who say they support the project.

“There’s clamor all over the country to have to have this team go. They’ve chosen Providence, I say lets cut a fair deal but then lets celebrate with a tremendous economic opportunity this is for us,” Says Providences’ Downtown Improvement District’s Frank LaTorre.

Providence City Councilor Kevin Jackson also took the tour.

<“We don’t want to burden the tax payers, and if it stood as the original purposed plan, I don’t think we as tax payers in the City of Providence can accept that original proposed plan,”Says Jackson.

There is nothing in this year’s budget about the Pawsox Stadium proposal. Speaker Mattiello has said they may come back for a special session later in the year to take up the issue.