Pawsox honor Cumberland Little League

By Dana Griffin


PAWTUCKET, RI- The Cumberland American Little League team was honored at the last Pawsox game of the season. The team’s Cinderella-run came to an end during the Little League World Series, yet they’re being praised for giving it their all.

Walking into McCoy Stadium, the team was greeted with cheers and applause- A show of how proud many are for their hard work and determination during the Little League World Series.

Player, Jayden Struble said, “They just said congratulations and asked about our experience.”

“Kids were kind of in awe that they would be watched by major leaguers and they were pretty sincere too. They were really nice to the kids and they congratulated them, made them feel special; gave them some cleats, brought them in the clubhouse,” said manager, Dave Belisle.

Player, Trey Thibeault said “Couple of them said like, you’re my best, you’re the best teammate and I was watching you from the beginning and you did really good.”

These little leaguers have met players from all around the world, and been on fields more intimidating. But today, their only worry in the world is having to come down from cloud nine.

Trey Bourque said, “Yeah, it stinks that we have to go back to school but it’s been a great experience so far. I’m just glad it happened.”

This year’s Little League World Series was the most watched ever on ESPN.

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