PawSox ownership to study McCoy renovations

By: Kainani Stevens

PAWTUCKET, RI (WLNE)—The Paw Sox are staying in Pawtucket, at least for now, according to PawSox Chairman Larry Lucchino. 
"We are committed to staying at McCoy Stadium through the rest of our lease which ends in January 2021," said Lucchino
 The Boston Red Sox Triple-A affiliate and the city of Pawtucket have been at odds since team ownership proposed moving the team elsewhere. 
A proposal for a $120 million stadium in downtown Providence was met with widespread opposition so now ownership is shifting their focus back to McCoy Stadium. 
"Let’s do this study," said
PawSox ownership, the city of Pawtucket, and the State of Rhode Island are now seeking proposals to study what it would take to upgrade McCoy. The three entities will evenly split the cost which is estimated to be around $100,000. A previous private study showed it would take upward of $60 million in renovations to get McCoy up to par. 
"We don’t go into this with our mind made up," said Lucchino. "This issue has to be fully and transparently analyzed."

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