Pawtucket crumbling brick concerns

By Dana Griffin


PAWTUCKET, RI- High above the city of Pawtucket, missing chunks of brick could be a hazard if they keep falling from the tower on top of city hall.

The tower is structurally sound, but the chunks of brick could be a hazard if they keep falling.

Public Works Director, Lance Hill said, “[The bricks] interact with the steel structure. They are putting some type of compression and they’re breaking and cracking.”

Concerned the brick could fall on someone using the front door, the city council is looking at options like fixing, tearing down, or moving to another building.

City council president, David Moran said, “We may be leaning toward the other avenue and that’s to get out of there and cut our losses and get to a different location. I just don’t think right now it seems to make economic sense.”

In 2005, a $3 million dollar voter–approved bond was used for repairs to the leaky tower. Years later, water still seeps in, disabling the elevator.

Back in April, nearly a dozen city hall employees complained of health issue they believe were related to mold.

“There’s a lot of different options on the table. I think at this point we’re not removing anything off the table for now,” said Hill.

Pawtucket city hall was built back in 1935 and is registered as a national historic place. Preservationists are advocating for restoring the tower.

The city council wants to assess the tower again before making a final decision– likely to benefit tax payers.

There will be a public comment period and a decision likely made within the next 6 months.

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