Pawtucket EMTs suspended following man’s death

This is an image of a fire truck in the Pawtucket Fire Station. (WLNE)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — The state of Rhode Island released documents saying two Pawtucket EMTs are suspended after a man died following reported malpractice.

Court documents obtained by ABC6 News detail a situation where EMTs Terrence O’Neil and Michael Garcia failed to meet protocol when treating a man in distress.

Documents said a man was found lying against a snowbank the night of Jan. 30. The same documents state both EMTs failed to adhere to more than 10 routine patient care protocols.

O’Neil and Garcia’s consent orders state they did not adhere to basic protocols like pain assessment and recording vital signs.

Other protocol that was reportedly not met included those meant to for patients with altered mental status, patients who refuse care or transport and documentation protocol.

Those documents detail that both EMTs lied about their interaction with the man in their reports. It is unsure if their malpractice contributed to the man’s death.

Both O’Neil and Garcia’s EMT licenses are suspended. Garcia’s for 30 days and O’Neil’s for 90 days, both followed by a 12 month probation.

During the probation, both must complete rigorous training and show proficiency in patient care procedures in order to keep their licenses.

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