Charred Pawtucket home torn down, Mineral Spring Avenue re-opened

By: Alexandra Cowley

 What's left of the multi-family home that exploded Tuesday, is just rubble now. The sound of demolition Wednesday was music to the ears of residents who just wanted the chaos in the Pawtucket neighborhood to be over.

Gail Briggs says her community was transformed after the explosion.

Briggs said, “every place I look around there's police cars, there's streets that are blocked off. ”

Investigators concluded Wednesday that there were no gas leaks and the pipes were in working order when the explosion shook the neighborhood. Whatever caused the explosion came from inside the building.

Since it happened the Ortega family's life has been turned upside down. They live right behind the home where the explosion happened, and with the home barely standing, the family hasn't been able to sleep.

Mother Gioconda Ortega said, “crazy, I haven't slept because I'm too scared that that house is going to fall on top of mine.”

Her young son Joel Ortega is scared to sleep at night. ” I just kept staring at the sky, oh what would happen if that building fell, will I die, would the house collapse on top of me, would I live through it.”

11 year old Ortega was still carrying his school backpack Wednesday night because during demolition, the family hasn't been allowed into their home.

“I spent 7 hours outside yesterday, because they say it isn't safe for me to go back,” said Ortega.

Demolition on the home wrapped up Wednesday night. Mineral Spring Avenue is back open to traffic.