Pawtucket man killed in 2nd home invasion

By Dana Griffin

PAWTUCKET, RI- The body of a 41–year–old man was brought out of a Dawson Street home Sunday morning. Police say the victim was shot at least twice.

Former neighborhood resident, Gregory Nazarian said, “It doesn't seem like it's a random act because, it's the same house two months apart. We don't know what's going on in that house, but there's never been any problems in this neighborhood.”

Back in May, ABC6 News reported that inside this home, a 41–year-old man was the target of a home invasion where two masked men tried to steal marijuana from him. The victim was stabbed with a knife, but managed to fight off the intruders.

His friend and neighbor, John Gorton confirms, it was Jeffrey LeBrun who was targeted two months ago, and murdered early Sunday morning.

Gorton said, “It could be the money and the drugs. He was a medical marijuana patient.”

Gorton says his friend had Tourrette's syndrome and was able to grow and use his own marijuana.

“I think too many people knew what he was doing and that's you know, ultimately what happened,” said Gorton.

Police took several bags of evidence out of the home. Only a vague description has been given to police about the two suspects.

It has not been confirmed that the murder and the home invasion last May, are related.

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