Pawtucket Mayor issues written statement after two recent deadly shootings

PAWTUCKET, RI (WLNE) – Two recent deadly shootings in Pawtucket prompted a written response from Mayor Don Grebien on Monday.

A 19-year-old teenage girl was shot to to death Sunday night.

One day before that officers found Leonardo Tavares, 20, with several gunshot wounds inside a car on Randall Street. He later died at the hospital and police are calling that shooting a targeted incident.

But after these two incidents many residents are wondering if they’re connected and want answers.

“Those are family members and kids, they’re younger than me . . . what’s going on?” Katie Hoyas of Pawtucket said. “I’d say crack down on the guns, but it’s hard when people are getting them off the street. What are we supposed to do about it?”

Pawtucket police say the investigation into both shootings is on going.

As of Tuesday, both the Pawtucket Police Department and Mayor Grebien have not held a press conference in response to these two homicide investigations.

However, a written a statement from Pawtucket’s Mayor was delivered to the media around 8 p.m. on Monday.

Mayor Don Grebien’s statement:

“The past two days have been a heavy loss on our community. It has been an even greater loss for the families of the victims of the two fatal shootings. After speaking with those families, my heart continues to break for their loss and, as a father, I cannot imagine the pain they are in. They are all in our prayers.

We are all grieving. I have spoken with many community leaders over the last couple of days, and we all know that this cannot continue to happen. The Pawtucket Police Department and my administration want to hear from the community and help to address this issue. We will continue working with the Nonviolence Institute to help the families of the victims, and my team, including Community Liaison Kassandra Florez, will be there for them in this process.

Pawtucket is our home and should be safe for our families. Shootings like the ones that have happened this weekend need to be addressed. I ask that anyone in the community with any information please reach out to the Pawtucket Police Department or Kassandra. We need to heal as a community and through a committed effort we can find lasting solutions to the violence that has occurred.”

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