Pawtucket officials looking to reinstate pit bull ban

By: Rebecca Turco


PAWTUCKET, R.I. – The city of Pawtucket is reigniting the battle over pit bulls, after two small dogs were attacked and killed by pits in recent weeks.

Several city councilors are looking to re-instate a ban against the breed, after a judge overturned the controversial ban two years ago.

"They obviously pose a threat," explained City Council Vice President Thomas Hodge.

According to state law, cities can’t ban specific breeds, so Hodge and other city councilors are taking their fight to the State House, fighting to change the law and keep pits out of the city.

"They’re not as loving sometimes,” said Hodge. “They’re over-protective and will attack anyone that comes near that person. And that’s not something people should have to live with."

But pit owners are barking back, saying the breed gets a bad reputation and that some owners don’t train the dogs properly.

"Why ban an entire breed,” questioned Susan Parker. “Punish the owner."

Susan Parker is the head of Dynamic Dog Training. She is also a proud pit owner. She says pits have a prey impulse and it’s up to the owner to keep that in check.

"Did you not know your dog’s traits, [its] personality traits? [If so], you set your dog up to fail. You have to set your dog up to be responsible,” she explained.

A new bill was introduced to try to reinstate the ban during the last legislative session, but it didn’t go through, so Hodge and other city councilors are working to get another bill on the docket for the next session in January.

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