Pawtucket reps request feasibility study of McCoy Stadium

By The Associated Press     

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ Pawtucket’s five state representatives are asking state officials to perform a feasibility study of McCoy Stadium, saying they want it put to use should the Pawtucket Red Sox leave.

Democratic Rep. Mary Messier submitted the request to a legislative committee Wednesday. She says the study would determine how to use the stadium if the PawSox leave and how to improve it should they stay.

Boston Red Sox President Larry Lucchino and a group of local businessmen bought the Triple-A baseball club Feb. 23 for an undisclosed amount. They have said they are eyeing land in Providence for a new ballpark, but nothing is final.

Messier says she and her colleagues are hopeful the team will stay. She says the bill won’t be heard until the new owners finalize their plans.

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