Pawtucket Soup Kitchen’s missing statue replaced

A small, yet symbolic statue, stands outside Holy Family Parish. It's located in the Pawtucket Soup Kitchen's garden. Staff were shocked when their guardian of the garden, went missing two weeks ago.

"We were like, who would take something like that,"says Father Roman Manchester.

Father Roman Manchester says it wasn't the price value of the small plaster statue that bothered them. It was the sentimental value. When word got out,
a local community member decided to step up.
"she noticed she had an identical one, or the statue that went missing was identical to the one she had in her living room for the 15 years and she decided she wanted to donate it,"says Father Manchester.

The garden is used as a source of food for the soup kitchen, during the busy summer months. Soup kitchen staff say they're happy to have Jesus and Joseph back to watch over it.
"it's amazing, and it's a beautiful statue, and I'm Italian so Saint Joseph is our patron saint…He blesses the garden, he watches over the garden making sure people don't steal the food,"Says Pawtucket Soup Kitchen's Executive Director Adrienne Marchetti.
"I think every time something bad happens, I kind of think it creates an opportunity for someone else to step in and do something good to remedy that,"adds Father Manchester.