PC apologizes after celebration injures police officer

By Matt Blanchette



  A little after midnight on Saturday after the Friars won the national title, thousands of revelers, many of them PC students, flooded the streets in the Elmhurst neighborhood,lighting a couch on fire and injuring a police office.

“My heart sank,” Providence College President Father Brian Shanley said. “This was supposed to be a weekend of celebration instead one man’s weekend was ruined when he was injured. We need to find out who did it.

Shanley had met with police before the game to discuss a plan for the celebrations, which included not making arrests.

“If we started arresting for open container or underage drinking, it’s difficult to do that with that large of a crowd,” Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare said. “So the men and women of the Providence Police were just there to keep things calm.

It became anything but calm, and as officer Michael Clary recovers from a concussion and dozens of stitches, an arrest is exactly what the police are looking for.

“Whoever that person is who threw that bottle, we are going to hunt you down and hold you responsible. I can’t have this happen to our officers who are there to make sure that the celebration is peaceful,” Pare said.

The university plans to hold a an official celebration of their national champs Tuesday afternoon at 4 p.m. at Schneider Arena.