PC student rally in support of Missouri protests

By News Staff


Racial tensions on the University of Missouri campus have dominated headlines for weeks now and Thursday night, students here at Providence College showed their support from Rhode Island.

About 150 students marched together in solidarity. The PC chapter of the NAACP organized the rally in response to the struggle students at Missouri have had in regards to racism at that school.

Steve Maurano, the Associate Vice President of Public Affairs at Providence College says this demonstration is just an example of how students are aware of important issues across the country and the impact they have here at home.

"Well I think we’d be nervous if the students weren’t protesting about racial tensions. certainly it’s a critical issue throughout society today and college campuses are a microcosm of society in general," said Maurano.

It was an overall a peaceful event and students garnering lots of support from school administration.

Providence College’s president, Father Brian Shanley also met with students to discuss issues and says the administration is available for support.

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