Peace Rally to curb Providence violence

There was more violence in Providence this weekend. A man was stabbed outside the “Alibi Café” on Basset Street just after two Sunday morning. The man had a stab wound to the chest. The person who did it took off. The victim is expected to be okay.

That is just one of dozens of violent acts in the capital city so far this year.  There have been seven murders since January, and just in the last month, we've seen 15 shootings. Now police and local non-violence groups are asking all of us to come out and rally for peace this week.

In the past few months, we've seen stabbings at local clubs, people getting shot outside their own homes, and police coming forward saying we have a problem with violence in the Providence.

“I used to drive a cab, and I wouldn't do it right now because of all this violence,” said Sean Sennott of Providence.

“It is scary. It is very scary, especially having young kids,” said one mother of four who told Abc6 she's worried about her children.

“The area that I live in, there was a shooting not too long ago, you know, it's just a random shooting,” she said.

Police said those random shootings have been rare in this last month of escalated violence. “These are not stranger on stranger violence. For the most part, the victim and offender know each other,” said Police Chief Hugh Clements.

But the chief agrees something has to be done to put an end to it all. That is why his department is teaming up with non-violence organizations like Project Night Vision for a “peace on our streets” rally.

“Mainly because we want the people to be directly involved,” said organizer Kobi Dennis, “Many times the processes are made without the voice of the people, and we want people to realize if they become an integral part of the solution, it will be solved much quicker.”

The rally, at five-thirty Tuesday night at 350 Point Street in Providence, is meant to inform and bring together the community, but whether it will actually curb violence is yet to be seen.

Providence Police are also announcing a new initiative this week to put a stop to the escalating violence. @@@@