Pell reported his car stolen in the past

By: Dee DeQuattro

Twitter: @deedequattro


Gubernatorial Candidate Clay Pell has reported his car stolen in December, months before it was actually stolen in February.

On December 17, Pell drove his Prius registered to Michelle Kwan to a local coffee shop for a meeting. After the meeting he walked home. The next morning when he discovered the car was not parked on the street in front of his home he alerted police.

An officer arrived and took Pell's statement. Shortly after Pell walked to the same coffee shop and discovered his car. He then alerted police again to say he had found the vehicle.

According to a release from Pell he then waited nearly two hours for a patrolman to arrive. When a patrolman arrived he never stepped out of the vehicle he asked Pell if he had misplaced the car, Pell said he had.

In a statement from Pell's campaign manager Devin Driscoll he says that the police report had several key errors:

“The report of the first officer, who took Clay's statement that the car was missing, notes that he arrived at Clay's home at 2:25 pm. The report of the second officer, who took Clay's statement after the car was found, states he arrived at 2:00 pm – before the first officer had taken Clay's statement, and long before the second officer and Clay actually spoke,. The report notes the car was running when the second officer arrived, which it was. Clay had started the car because it was cold and he had been waiting for nearly two hours. Additionally, the report claims the doors were locked and the interior showed no sign of damage – neither of which could have observed without exiting the squad car. And, finally, the report does not include either the officer asking Clay if he had misplaced the car, or Clay's response.”

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