PERA will also review Providence Police moped incident

The Providence External Review Authority (PERA), will also be working with police to do its own independent investigation.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) РAs questions continue to swirl over what happened with a moped accident that involved  a Providence police officer, the Providence External Review Authority will also be conducting its own investigation of the incident, the executive director said Monday.

Providence Police announced Monday there will be a full investigation into this incident in which an officer, identified as Kyle Endres, is seen following a man on a moped, which ended in a serious crash.

“I urge everyone not to rush to judgement,” said Providence Police Chief Hugh Clements during a press conference on Monday.

The Providence External Review Authority (PERA), will also be working with police to do its own independent investigation.

“The civilian perspective needs to be there,” said PERA Executive Director Jose Batista.

The victim, identified as Jhamal Gonsalves, is in a coma.

Batista says the severity of the incident necessitates an investigation on the part of PERA.

“Anytime that we see an incident involving a police officer and a civilian that results in bodily injury, in this case unfortunately I believe Mr. Gonsalves was in a coma,” said Batista. “Anytime we see that threshold broken, we’re not necessarily going to wait for someone to file a complaint.”

The State Police and Attorney General will also be looking into what happened. The Attorney General’s office would determine whether there would be criminal ramifications to the police conduct, whereas PERA focuses on the administrative side.

“Their role would be review. We are actively investigating administratively. So when we have reports and when we can share those reports with PERA, we certainly would do that,” said Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare.

Batista tells ABC 6 he’s hoping PERA can review any body cam or possible dash cam footage available.

“As you can imagine, if you have your body worn camera on your chest, and you’re operating a vehicle, it’s not going to be a great vantage point,” said Clements.

“This is obviously a very serious case. We are trying to think about it in the most professional and appropriate perspective as possible,” said Batista. “But beyond that there is somebody who is really hurt and a family who is caring for them so we certainly send our thoughts and prayers.

PERA is holding its monthly meeting this Wednesday, and Batista says he hopes to have some more information from police by then to report to the board and the public.

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