Permanent pothole patches coming soon

Nicole Gerber


You can't avoid them. After cold, wet weather eats away at roads, potholes are what's left.

We've gotten temporary relief from cold–tar patches but
soon we'll finally see a more permanent solution with asphalt.

“We're looking forward to the fact that we can start getting
hot patch now this week, so a lot of our patches that were temporary over the
last several weeks will now start to become permanent patches so we can try to
move past the pothole season and get ready for spring,” said Joseph Baker of RIDOT.

And not a moment too soon. Drivers are starting to get fed up.

“They're probably the worst I remember,” said Louise from West Greenwich.

“Yeah they're pretty bad, there are some real big
ones,” agreed her friend Linda.

“Me personally, iIve hit them, and it feels like my car is
going to, like, fall apart,” said Michelle Curry from Pawtucket.

One way to make sure that the roads get cleared is to alert
either RIDOT or your city or town about the potholes that you see. ABC6 alerted
them this morning about a huge one on North Main St. in Providence and now, it's all taken care of.

“We have field crews that are out there, they are riding the
roads on a daily basis but there may be ones that we haven't been made aware of
yet or haven't found on our own yet so, we do ask that people contact us,” said Baker.

If you've hit a pothole and it's caused damage to your car you could be eligible for a refund, but you'll have to alert the DOT right away.

Contact RIDOT claims by calling 401-734-4817.

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