Person of Interest Identified in Fall River Arson

Fall River fire officials are now saying a person of interest has been identified in a possible connection to the blaze that destroyed a multi-family home at 170 Hood Street, that police now believe to be arson.

Fire officials say the person was arrested for an unrelated offense, not related to arson. Fall River Fire District Chief James Bernardo said the person of interest will likely be questioned about the blaze, which has left rubble and charred remains where a home once stood.

The triple-decker that collapsed in flames in Fall River Friday night is being investigated as arson. Signs cover the charred remains, offering a reward of up to $5,000 to anyone who may know who set the fire.


The large fire burned one multi-family building to the ground and seriously damaged two others in a three-alarm fire on Friday, January 13. The fire was so intense that onlookers could see the flames shooting into the sky, all the way from Route 195.

The fire became so dangerous that the entire block had to be evacuated. Firefighters had to make extra efforts to put out the blaze, since strong gusts of wind continually spread the flames.

The home at 170 Hood Street disintegrated and collapsed as a result of being thoroughly on fire.

At least three families lost everything they own including furniture, house pets, and personal possessions. They are now homeless.

Kerri Thro, who owns the apartment building lost in the fire, said the fire started while some of the occupants were picking up their children at school. Ten people lived in the building, all of whom are now homeless.