Personal info could have been exposed in UHIP glitch

Personal information may have been compromised for 202 people who used the online portal linked to the state’s new benefits system.

"This was an internal discovery based on groups that work with customers. As soon as we found out about it we addressed the issue,” said RI Chief Digital Officer Tom Guertin.

The problem was discovered last week and prompted a 2 and a half hour shut down of the site.

Officials explain that this breach only impacts people who accessed the RIBridges site from a public computer.

If you logged out but did not shut down the window entirely there’s a chance your information could have been seen by someone else.

"If someone else comes along on that computer within 15 minutes there’s a potential that they could actually when they log on actually see the information from the prior costumer,” said Dept. of Administration Dir. Michael DiBiase.

DHS Officials plan to notify any person whose information could have been exposed.

This is just the latest problem to plague the system since its September launch. From delayed payments, to long lines, federal warnings and lots of frustration there has been one hit after another.

"I think that we have collectively struggled a bit in explaining our expectations and where we are,” said DiBiase.

DiBiase explains that they expected a number of problems.

"we anticipated and what’s been happening is that our process and productivity is going to dip,” said DiBiase.

Tuesday the state submitted a corrective action plan to FNS, the federal agency that had threatened to cut federal funding. Among the issues the new plan seeks to fix; wait times, better training and more accurate notices. As of last check there are still 11,000 pending applications.

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