UPDATE: Suspect goes back to Fall River pet shop, pays for stolen puppy

By: News Staff


FALL RIVER, MASS. — The man caught on camera stealing puppies from a store in Fall River had a change of heart, after police say one of the men went back to the store to pay for one of the dogs.

The owner of Fish Bowl Aquarium and Pet Mart in Fall River was asking for the return of an eight week old puppy that was stolen from his store last Thursday.

Surveillance video showed one of the suspects looking at the kennels in the pet mart, while other suspect then entered an “Employees Only” door before snatching up a white puppy and leaving the store.

The suspect that paid, however, did not return the other eight week old puppy that was taken.

The owner told ABC6 News, he does have the person’s name, and is just waiting for police to act.

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