Peter Neronha announces run for A.G.

Former U.S. Attorney Peter Neronha officially announced his candidacy for Rhode Island Attorney General at the Jamestown Ferry Landing Tuesday morning.

"I’m running for Attorney General because I feel very strongly and deeply about this state and its future,” said Neronha. "My vision for the office of Attorney General is one of service to all Rhode Islanders we’ll exercise smart independent judgment."

In his nearly eight years at U.S. Attorney Neronha says public corruption was his top priority.

Moving forward, he says it would also top his list if elected Attorney General.

"We need all of our public officials every one of them to do what most are already doing serve the people not themselves,” said Neronha.

Current A.G. Peter Kilmartin is not seeking re-election having reached his term limit.

One of the big issues for him currently, a feud of sorts with the Governor over whether Grand Jury documents from the 38 Studios investigation should be released.

Neronha was asked to weigh in on the subject.

"My view is that as much material that can get released from the permission of the court get released,” said Neronha.

In the wake of the tragedy out of Vegas, the new AG candidate also weighing in on gun control.

"I have some real concerns about large capacity magazines. I think there’s always been a problem with the way we do background checks I don’t think it’s consistent and in some instances I think there are enormous holes,” said Neronha.

Neronha is the first to officially announce a run for Attorney General.

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