Petition started asking CCFD Board President to resign

By Ana Bottary


Coventry residents taking a stand against Central Coventry fire board President Fred Gralinski. An online petition began Friday, asking for his resignation.
"I think that if the public is upset and he doesn’t want to do his job and he doesn’t want to act as a professional elected official, that’s in charge of a 6.5 million dollar corporation fighting Public Safety. He should probably step down,"says Coventry resident Scott Guthrie.
Issues within the Central Coventry fire department have been going on for the past few years. Most recently regarding issues with American flags and decals on the trucks. Friday, the Central Coventry fire district announced it will put new American flags on every fire truck to replace old flags. It also gave the union over $280,000, money the union said it was owed after the district went into receivership in 2012, for a variety of things including wages and pensions.
While the fire board president says he regrets comments he made last august likening firefighters flying flags to ISIS, is sons made comments on social media this week one stating that "the firemen are terrorists".
"It’s unfortunate. There’s not much to comment on. You’re almost speechless, how do you respond to that? I think it was the straw that broke the camels back, and people want him out. Moving forward, I don’t know how he moves forward from this,"says Coventry Fire Union President David Gorman.
When Abc 6 News spoke with Gorman Friday afternoon, he had not yet seen the petition. But he says he supports replacing Gralinski.

"Maybe we can get a fresh start. Because I think that is the best choice,"adds Gorman.

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