Pets rescued from New Bedford woman’s apartment

By Abbey Niezgoda

It is a horrible case of animal cruelty. Two dogs, a cat and a snake were taken out of deplorable conditions inside a New Bedford apartment, and not all of the animals survived.

It started when someone called into police anonymously and asked if they could check on the animals. When officers arrived, they could smell the stench from the hallway, a warning sign for what they found inside.

 Charlie, a Chihuahua, and Henny, a Miniature Pinscher, have plenty of energy now that they are in the hands of safe shelter. Before that, they were inside 28-year-old Krystal Hansen's apartment on North Front Street in disgusting conditions.

“It's unfortunate,” New Bedford Animal Control Officer Emmanuel Maciel said. “There were bottles filled with urine.”

Feces were all over the floor. Kitty litter was all over the dining room table from a cat Hansen says she did not own. She did admit the dogs were hers and so was the snake, that officers found already dead.

“It's very hard to imagine that people wouldn't find other resources,” Erin Pacheco of Forever Paws Animal Shelter said.

Hansen was arraigned on three felony counts of animal cruelty and she is being evicted from her apartment.

“If you're in a situation where you're becoming homeless or you have to move out, don't leave the animals behind. We'd rather work with you than have the animals suffer,” Maciel said.

Hansen's pets will be up for adoption next week at the Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River. For more information, contact them at: (508) 677-9154.