Photo posted on RI’s Most Wanted website may be missing Ohio teen

By: Samantha Lavien
Twitter: @samanthalavien

A post on Rhode Island’s Most Wanted website is bringing an Ohio family some hope that a teen who went missing seven years ago may be okay.

“I have a gut feeling that it could very well possibly be her,” said Linda Summers, the Step-Grandmother of Ashley Summers.

The surveillance photo was obtained as part of an investigation by the Warwick Police Department. It shows two suspects wanted in connection with identity theft.

Linda Summers recently came across the picture and says the woman bares a striking resemblance to the age progression pictures of her step-granddaughter Ashley Summers who would now be 21.

“Even though the circumstances aren’t the best it was exciting to have a picture of someone that may be her,” said Linda Summers.

Warwick’s Police Chief says there is a strong resemblance, but he says he does not know for sure if the photo is Ashley.

“We believe that this person that we have depicted in our picture from the bank certainly bares a strong resemblance to the missing female; however, we are not prepared to say that they are one in the same,” said Warwick Police Chief, Col. Stephen McCartney.

Warwick police are working with the FBI to get more information.

Police say there have not been any other known sightings of the duo since October.

“The trail of where these people are right now is really turned up a little bit cold,” said McCartney.

Linda Summers explains that Ashley initially ran away when she was 14 though she says there is reason to believe she could be in danger.

“If the suspect is Ashley, I would encourage her to turn herself in. She has family here in Ohio that loves her and really wants her home,” said Linda Summers.

Warwick Police and the FBI emphasize that they do not know for sure if the picture is Ashley Summers.

They are currently working to identify the two people in that surveillance image.

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