Photos of Rhode Island Lawmakers Shopping in Massachusetts

by Mark Curtis, ABC6 Chief Political Reporter

A Providence woman has come up with a unique way to highlight the growing difference between the sales tax in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Tara Pinsky launched a Facebook page where people can post photos of Rhode Island lawmakers shopping in Massachusetts where sales and other taxes are lower.

Pinsky, who is a Providence Republican Party leader, took a photo of State Representative James Doyle's car while it was parked at Best Buy in Seekonk.

Pinsky says Rhode Island lawmakers should be loyal and shop in their own state, and should cut the sales tax.

Pinsky, who supports cutting the Rhode Island sales tax to better compete with Massachusetts said, “When Massachusetts is contemplating lowering their sales tax to 4 and a ½, and we're at 7, more people are going to drive across the border. The gas tax per gallon is 33 cents in Rhode Island, but it's 21 cents a gallon in Massachusetts.”

Pinsky is hoping, Rhode Islanders will take pictures of their lawmakers when they see them shopping across the border in Massachusetts, and post them on her Facebook page.