Pick of the Litter: Meet Callie

A sweet and energetic 2-year old pup!

Introducing Callie! She is just a ball of joy and energy! Despite being 2years old, she has all the energy of a puppy. This curious girl definitely has some hound in her, always having her nose to the ground searching for any crumb of dropped food. Callie loves toys with squeakers and would love a grassy backyard to investigate. Once some of her energy is burnt off, she is ready for couch cuddles and a movie marathon. Callie prefers to have all the attention to herself, so no other pets in the home would be ideal. She would also do best in a home without young children, so we are recommending kids 13+.

If you are interested in Callie, you can contact the RISPCA at 401-438-8150 or by visiting their website: rispca.com.