Pick of the Litter: Meet Ivy!

Pick of the Litter: Meet Ivy!
Pick Of The Litter: Meet Ivy!


Ivy is an 8-1/2 year old female pit who has really a nice disposition.

She was an owner surrender due to illness and is generally a really happy girl and easy to get alongwith.  We don’t know how she is with cats but she seems to be good withchildren and is recommended for families with children of 5 and over.

She is a large for her height but has been steadily losing weight while in theshelter getting regular exercise.  Someone willing to take her for longwalks is preferred.  She does well on a harness but does pull when she isexcited so an experienced dog walker is preferred.  Like most pits, shetends to have itchy skin if not treated.  We have her on Apoquel to calm heritching and she seems to be fine.

You can find out more about Ivy by visiting rispca.com or by calling 401-438-8150.