Pick of the Litter: Meet Jenny!

This week’s featured pet is Jenny! She was such a sweet heart! Here’s her bio from the RISPCA:

Hi My name is Jenny and I am so excited to be your new best friend. I’m a cattle dog mix so I have lots of energy to burn, but also LOTS of love to give! I’m your perfect summer adventure buddy! I’m cute as a button and have permanent party ear! It just grew that way! Witnessing my zoomies will make anyone’s day! I’m not a fan of small fast animals like cats, but I do love dogs so much that I can tire any dog out! I LOVE all humans! The kennel staff feel that best fit for me would be kids 13+ only because they say my exuberance may be a bit much for little ones!

If you are interested in Jenny, you can contact the RISPCA at 401-438-8150 or by visiting rispca.com.