Pilgrim High Spokesperson: RIDOH Believes Covid Outbreak is Connected to Homecoming Dance

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE)- Students at Pilgrim High School will be learning from home for the remainder of the week, following a COVID-19 outbreak in the school’s community.

An email was sent to community members on Monday night, providing an update about the school’s COVID-19 situation.

According to RIDOH, a number of people who were at the school’s homecoming dance on November 6 tested positive. A spokesperson for Warwick Public Schools said RIDOH believes there is a connection between the dance and the Covid outbreak.

Right after the dance, videos surfaced online showing students who were not wearing masks at the event. In response, Warwick Public Schools released a statement at the time that said, “The Warwick School District has clear policies and procedures in place that are aligned with RIDOH protocols which have been shared with all schools. It is very disappointing to see these COVID protocols and District policies were not followed at Pilgrim’s Homecoming.”

Pilgrim High will be partnering with RIDOH to hold a COVID-19 testing clinic on Wednesday from 8-11 a.m.

All students and faculty are encouraged to get tested, regardless of their vaccination status. Testing is free, no registration is needed, and anyone older than 16 does not need parental consent.

The school will use an “anytime learning” format on Wednesday morning to allow students and staff to go and get tested.

Google Meets will resume during the last two class periods.

A spokesperson for Warwick Public Schools said they will wait to see the data from tomorrow’s Covid testing clinic before making a decision about classes for next week.


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