Ping Pong Prodigies

By News Staff

Twitter: @ABC6

Reporting by ABC 6 News Anchor Karen Meyers

The Red Sox “Worst to First” story has been well told by now, a team with the resolve to pull off the unimaginable.

A local group of not so ordinary athletes approaches their sport with the same grit.

They show up hurt, they show up tired and they always show up determined.

There are three rules at the Mickey Stevens sports complex in Warwick. Hit hard, play hard and whatever you do, don't call this ping pong.

A group of guys mostly octogenarians or close to it play table tennis.

They say the best player is 86-year old Ray Massie. A shoulder injury could have sidelined him instead he adjusted his game.

These guys all play hurt. 80-year old Frank Resnick a torn rotator cuff. Harly Magrath, also 80, has Arthritis, 82-year old Basil Amfilo- Macular degeneration.

These guys are good… and tough even challenge ABC 6 News Anchor Karen Meyers to a game.