Pink urn found by public fishing spot in Cumberland

By: Melissa Randall


Arthur Fluette was cleaning up Carl’s Pond near his Cumberland home Sunday when he came across a small, pink, urn left near a tree.

“Oh my god. What is this doing here? It’s not exactly a place that you would leave an urn because it’s right in a parking area,” he said.

The urn is sealed, and with no name or dates on it to help identify whose ashes are presumably inside, Fluette is left to wonder.

“I guess it could be anybody’s mother, sister, maybe a loved pet,” he pondered.

But the mystery surrounding the urn doesn’t end there. How did it get to the popular fishing hole? Was it left on purpose? Or was it stolen and ditched? With no way to know for sure Fluette called police, who took it back to the station for safe keeping.

Police tell ABC6 that they can’t open it up to see what’s inside without a warrant, and since there’s no evidence that a crime was committed, the urn will have to stay there until someone claims it.

Fluette believes that given the busy location where the urn was left that is the best option. He was fearful that the precious remains might be disturbed.

“I’m afraid that if it would have been left here unattended it probably would have been smashed on the rocks by kids, maybe tossed in the water. You know? It just wouldn’t have been respected here,” he said.

He’s optimistic someone in the community will recognize the unique pattern, and is determined to reunite the urn with loved ones.

“It’s the right thing to do,” said Fluette. “I’d just love to see it get back to whomever it belongs to.”

According to police there are no reports of any stolen urns in the area, and so far no one has come forward to claim it.

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