Pinworm parasite is infecting kids at a Warwick school

By Alana Cerrone


Parents at Drum Rock in Warwick aren’t letting their kids off easy when it comes to cleanliness.

Marina Daszkiewicz’s daughter goes there, and she makes sure she knows proper hygiene. “I am telling her she definitely needs to wash her hands whatever she does."

Monica Hernandez agrees. "I cleaned my entire house almost ridiculously.”

That’s because the school’s recently reported cases of a parasite called pinworm, which is most common among young children. It usually lives in the colon and can make its way out after going to the bathroom.

"My biggest fear is probably pinworms or any worms."

One of the symptoms is itching.

"I researched it extensively… it’s just gross."

Pinworm can be treated with over the counter or prescription medication, and experts say good hygiene is the best prevention.

"Kids are susceptible to a lot of things and it’s just a hurdle we have to jump over I guess."

The RI Department of Health is working with administrators to get information out to parents, but they say it’s not a serious health threat.

A local pediatrician says he treated a child for pinworm last week. We’re told that infected children don’t come back to school until they’re cleared.

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