Pit Bull Attacks Woman and Dog

 By Dana Griffin


NORTH SMITHFIELD- An 82-year-old woman and her greyhound dog are recovering after an attack Friday by the next door neighbors' pit bull.

The dog is named Lady. Today she had her second surgery.

The victim, Wanda Misiaszek, said, “I can get over the aches and pains.”

What she can't get over is that the pit bull has been home all weekend.

“It was frightening. Like I said, I was afraid to go out,” said Misiaszek.

The pit bull owners apologized for the attack. They said they even called North Smithfield animal control, to have the dog removed but no one was available on the weekend.

“I don't understand that.  Dogs do bite on weekends. I don't understand why there isn't some system in place to have a vicious dog removed immediately,” said Misiaszek's nephew, Mike Calo.

Calo's dog was attacked last year by a different neighbor's pit bull and he says it took over a week for North Smithfield animal control to remove that dog.

His family wants justice for Lady so that no other family has to wait till Monday to have a biting dog removed.

“To look out your window and see the dog that attacked you in your back yard; it's not right,” said Calo.

Veterinary bills for Lady total $10,000.

The North Smithfield Police report that the pitbull wandered over to Misiaszek's home and attacked Lady; when Misiaszek tried to break them up, she too was bitten.

The pitbull owner, William Figuerido, had just adopted the pitbull from the North Kingstown Animal Shelter about 3 weeks ago. After the attack, Animal Control advised him to quarantine the dog at his home for 10 days. So, on his own will, Figuerido brought the pitbull back to the North Kingstown Animal Shelter, where it remains, because he didn't want to keep it anymore.

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