Pit bull put down after attacking family

Andrea Medeiros


The pit bull that bit three people in Woonsocket was put down Tuesday, just a day after he attacked a family. Usually there's a ten day waiting period, but animal control officers said, in this case, there was no reason to wait.

Woonsocket Animal Control made the decision to kill “Biz” when he was brought to their shelter Monday night after viciously attacking three people.

“Our job is to protect the safety of people first and in this case, with this dog, to protect the public in general. He needs to be euthanized,” said animal control officer Doris Kay.

She said they really had no choice but to put “Biz” down. He's just not adoptable, and they already have ten pit bulls at the shelter.

Usually you have to wait ten days to put a dog down, but this time officers said the attack was bad enough to do it right away.

“He lunged at me and bit me and that was it,” said Tracy Cyler, “Then I started screaming and my daughter came running, and then the dog turned around and she was screaming and he bit her.”

Biz also bit Tracy Cyler's son. All three ended up in the hospital. They only had the dog for a few days. Cyler said “Biz” turned on them when he  began fighting with one of her other pit bulls. When she tried to pull him off, he jumped into attack mode.

“I've never ever been scared about dogs, ever, ever, no matter what breed it was never,” said Cyler, “He had that look about him. I knew something was wrong.”

That's why pit bull trainers said never get in the middle of a dog fight.

“It's the first thing that you want to do, because you want to break up the fight, but the dogs can and will displace, meaning they're in a frenzy so they're not paying attention,” said pit bull trainer Susan Parker, “They don't realize it's your hand at that point.”

Just like Cyler didn't realize something like this could happen.