Pitbull attacks its owners in Woonsocket

by James Swierzbin



A pitbull bit three of its owners, after getting into a fight with one of the family's other dogs, and all of this happened just days after the family got the dog.

It happened Monday afternoon on Sayles Street in Woonsocket, between Dayshia Cyler's family, and their new pitbull biz.

“Him and my other dog Tyson, who we've had for a while started fighting and my Mom tried to break it up. Then my dog Biz bit my Mom and then my sister heard my Mom screaming and my brother came upstairs because he heard the screaming and then Biz just started to attack all of them.” said Cyler.

The attack ferocious and for the next several minutes, Biz didn't let up, biting anyone who came near him. Dayshia was able to hide in her room, as her family scrambled to get away.

Her sister was able to run out the front door, even though Biz, had hurt her badly.

“I saw puncture wounds, blood all over her right side, the leg the arm” said neighbor Leslie Roman.

Roman lives nearby and because of her experience as an emergency dispatcher, did what she could, to help the family.

“I heard a woman just screaming and screaming and dogs just growling.” said Roman.

Besides trying to keep Dayshia's sister calm, Roman also gave care to her brother Anthony, who jumped 12 feet, off the family's back deck, to get away from Biz.

“He told me he had puncture wounds to the stomach and to the wrist, I looked down at the wrist and it was a huge gash, I took off his shirt and immediately applied pressure to keep it and kept it elevated.” said Roman.

Dayshia's mother was still on the deck, when Woonsocket Police arrived at the house.

Witnesses say that Biz was so wound up, it took several jolts from an officer's Tazer, before the police could even get near him.

“The dog didn't want to go down, but then the second one, they did it, that's when the dog went down.” said neighbor Carmen Aceveto.

“The dog came out and the bottom half of his face was all covered in blood, they had him attached to one of those poles that animal control uses, then they put him in a car and drove off.” said Leslie Roman.

Dayshia's brother, sister, and mother, all received treatment for their wounds at a local hospital.

Woonsocket Police took Biz away from the family's home, but it's not clear where the dog is being held right now, or what will become of him.