Pizza delivery man robbed at gunpoint

By: Liz Tufts


     A Providence pizza delivery guy faced  death over 75 bucks. A masked man robbing him at gunpoint.

     It's a delivery Frank Benoit has done a thousand times, but this one near White Street has left him shaken and lost for words. It was his last run for the night. At around 3 Thursday morning he left the Golden Crust Pizza on Oakland Ave in Providence. with a pie in hand.  He hit the road for Pawtucket, but when he came to a red light that delivery turned
dangerous fast. “I was at a red light and he approached me from the
passengers side, ” says Benoit.

     Pointing a gun to his head, Benoit was paralyzed by fear. “He said give me all your money or I will shoot you, ” says Benoit. He forked over all the money in his pocket… 76 dollars. “He had a hoodie and one of those masks you put over your
face, ” adds Benoit.

     He took off as quickly as he came. As Benoit hits the road for his next delivery, he realizes just how lucky he is. “Very lucky he could have shot me, ” says Benoit.

     This isn't the first time Benoit has had a dangerous delivery.  Last Halloween he was robbed by three men. In that case they were caught and arrested a short time later.