Plant thief in Pawtucket stealing plants from yards

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WLNE)– A plant thief in Pawtucket has been snipping flowers and ripping them off the ground from yards.

“We noticed that the three roses we had on this rose bush were ripped off, and at the very base you can see where they tried to pull it off from this one as well,” Samantha Moreau said while pointing at her front yard.

Gardening is a hobby for Moreau, but she also calls it therapy.

“In this world of chaos that no one can control right now, we are at least able to control a small part of our lives,” Moreau said.

Moreau lives on the second floor of a home on York Avenue in Pawtucket and her father lives on the first floor. She puts a lot of thought and effort into her gardening.

“Fill it with good garden soil, then plant our flowers, make sure it’s fertilized. Make sure there are no rocks that can get in the way of the roots,” Moreau said. “It’s worth it when we see the plants grow that we put our hard work into.”

However, there’s one big problem. Every time something grows, it is stolen.

“Every bush we plant, every hedge we plant, gets stolen pretty much that same year,” Moreau said.

She said the thief also goes into her garden, on the side and back of her house, which is fenced off.

“You can see a bend in the fence where they clearly hopped over,” Moreau said. “All of the blossoms on this flower all cut, and the remaining petals shriveled up because there was no stem to connect to.”

“‘It’s awful. I don’t understand why people feel entitled to come into my yard and steal things that I work really hard on,” Moreau said.

ABC6 News also spoke to two other people in the neighborhood on a different street, who did not want to go on camera but claimed the same thing happened to them. All three people say they don’t want to bother the police.

However, Moreau is now installing security cameras to scare away the thieves, or at least catch them in the act.

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